The Crimson Moons

The High Tower of Quu

Reijnold bid The Crimson Moons farewell, as a parting request he asked the group to drop off a sphere which was obviously a cypher of some sort to his cousin Hagar in the town of Porthust. With no other destination in mind The Crimson Moons decided that Porthust was as good a place as any to look for some interesting work.

It took a little while to figure out how to maneuver the flyers but after a while it seemed fairly straight forward. They were the fastest the group had ever moved before and it was exhilarating.

They reached the city of Porthust after a very long day of flying. Leve was not feeling well so he found a room and crashed for the night. The rest of the group decided some drinks and and food were in order and found a tavern called Hard a Port which provided the required nourishment. Ionus, always one to entertain the masses, recited one of his finest poems ever. His beautiful words brought a young red haired woman to her feet applauding and calling for an encore. The young woman was Brigina who was travelling to the High Tower of Quu on some sort of vision quest. Ionus volunteered to help the Brigina, promising that Emont and Calen would lay down their lives to protect her.

The next day the group delivered the orb to Hagar who gave them a couple cyphers as payment. They also bought some red paint from him to give the flyers a new paint job. Calen noticed that he was getting a lot of looks at his scar and decided a red cloak was also needed. Calen and Emont also heard rumours of some potentially interesting adventures (see rumours wiki). While Calen and Emont painted the flyers Ionus was busy wooing the beautiful Brigina. Leve continued to feel unwell and was unable to take part in the adventure.

The group took off for the High Tower of Quu but their flashy start came to a slow halt as the flyers seemed to run out of energy. There were of course accusations that Reijnold had screwed them over but then Ionus found a compartment where a cypher could be placed and used as fuel. the group replaced the cyphers and started out again. Some noticed an immediate difference in the abilities of the flyers. Ionus who had used a very strong cypher noticed a greatly increased speed, better maneuverability, and a higher achievable altitude (see flyer wiki for details).

The group reached the mountain where the tower of Quu should be but it was not there. Brigina was certain it would be there soon so the group decided to camp out and wait. By the river the group noticed some heads dancing and mumbling in the water. After further inspection it turned out the heads had in fact been severed from their bodies and some giant crustaceous creature had the heads on the end of giant tentacles. Calen got stabbed by one of the tentacles and the group ran away. The creature did not give chase and instead slipped back into the river.

While trying to figure out what to do next Brigina noticed the High Tower of Quu. After a few moments of Ionus confusion the group came to understand that the tower had appeared and at the base of the mountain the door into the tower had also appeared. Calen tried opening the door but it wouldn’t budge. Brigina tried and the door opened.

Upon entering the tower the grup stepped into a room that was impossibly vast. There were no walls and instead of a ceiling there was a blue sky with soft white clouds floating lazily in the warm gentle breeze. The floor appeared to be made of glass and about fifty feet below was the ground, they could see the flyers and the door they had just stepped through underneath them. Ahead of them were five mountains that appeared to be identical to the mountain they had just entered in every way except for size. They were smaller versions in and the tower at the top of the mountain had become a golden doorway while a symbol carved into each mountain replaced the door they had used to enter. All but one of the symbols represented one of the four elements, the other was some sort of flower.

The group decided to try the doorway of the mountain with a flower since it was the odd symbol. The group found themselves in a humid jungle where small grey monkeys played in the trees. In the trees were wooden walkways and small huts. The group climbed the trees and started searching for a way out of the jungle. They came across a 12 foot statue of a monkey with cyphers, fruit and nuts scattered at the bottom. the monkey held out a hand with a key in the hand. Wisely Ionus placed a cypher in offering at the base of the statue and took the key (averting the cleverly crafted encounter created by the GM and losing all chance of being infected with a monkey virus that would turn the group into the little grey monkeys).

They made their way out of a door they found in the jungle and found themselves outside at the base of the mountain again. Once again they entered the room with the 5 small mountains. Instead of just trying random doors the tried to decipher which was the correct door. It was Calen that noticed the elements were perhaps out of order and that Earth which generally the first element was in the fifth position and posited the earth door was actually where a fifth element should have been and therefore it was the correct door. He was right and the group found themselves in a room surrounded by 7 pillars with a door trimmed in gold at the base of the giant pillars. The pillars had symbols representing seven of the eight planets in the solar system. Since they had just come from earth the group thought going to earth would be the correct route. It turned out that it was not.

They found themselves in in a field with a forest on the other side. A storm was raging and the group had to dodge lightning as they ran for the forest. In the forest they were attacked by a pack of Chirog. They defeated the Chirog and went through the door. Here they found themselves in the bottom of a volcano with a door on the other side. They tried to make their way across but Calen fell into the lava screaming in pain as he disappeared. A moment later the rest of the group tumbled into the lava.

They found themselves back in the room with the five small mountains, yes this again. They made their way back to the planetary room and put their minds to figuring out the right room. they decided that Neptune was the furthest from earth and tried that door.

The GM had never considered this rationale for picking this room believing it being the seventh planet too obvious to miss. Sure the first room with the fifth Mountain representing leaving earth was a bit weak, but he thought he had recovered by mentioning that it was the fifth Mountain. So the GM believed that there would be no trouble with the last room the 5 7 5 pattern of the High Tower of Quu far too simple. He believed he had not really put enough effort into the last puzzle room, but then the group picked the wrong door and he felt better about the whole thing.

On the floor of the last room were five holes (again five mountains, seven planets, five holes). Each of the the five holes had a shape. The first a circle (one continuous side), the next a line (a stretch but but as close to two sided the GM could get), then a triangle, a square and a pentagon. certain the right answer was the circle the group jumped into the hole and landed in a room made entirely of coloured squares. When they stepped on the squares in the wrong order they got shocked. The group decided to follow the colour spectrum of a rainbow which turned out to be ingenious if not entirely correct. The actual pattern was a secondary colour then a primary colour that was part of the secondary colour. Their way worked though and they found themselves on the other side and going through a door.

Back in the room of the five holes they eventually settled on the pentagon because it was the most complex shape. Again totally missing the 5 7 5 pattern of the High Tower of Quu This worked for them and they found themselves in the final chamber. Brigina told Calen and Emont they could come no further but offered to let Ionus come with her if he was willing to marry her. (This decision was left up to a dice roll which made the GM cringe as he quickly thought of an alternate ending never having considered the possibility of a no answer. Luckily the dice obliged the GM and he didn’t have to make the group find a way out of the tower which was good because he had never put a door in place for that possibility.

Ionus went with Brigina into a dark room where the two married, sort of (see wedding of Ionus and Brigina wiki). After the wedding Ionus realized that he was the father of the universe, he had literally given birth to it. He found himself out of the tower unable to stay because he had been touched by darkness which sounded rather cryptic. the group climbed onto the flyers and headed back to Porthust. They searched for Leve but found he had left six or seven months earlier. This was a little confusing because they believed they had only been gone a few days. What was happening? Had the been shifted to a new alternate universe created by Ionus? How had so much time passed? Where the hell did Leve go? All questions they will try to answer to find soon.

See the rumour wiki pages for some reminders of what the group heard about, and jobs they could pursue


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