The Crimson Moons

A Moonless Night

Things got off to a strange start as Calen and Ionus found out over breakfast that Leve was alive and well living in town as the leader of The Crimson Moons. Further it was becoming more and more apparent that the few days maybe week at the High Tower of Ku had somehow been a year or so to the rest of the world. They had spent a few days recuperating from their last adventure at the Hard a Port but some of these inexplicable things needed explaining. After hearing that The Crimson Moons have a Guild of some sort in town Calen and Ionus set out to find out what was going on.

They found the residence of The Crimson Moons and went inside. The duo proclaimed their rights to the name The Crimson Moons and that they were the founders. The small unbelieving crowd kindly told them that if they needed help they should talk with Rosamund Datchery, as she takes care of all the business negotiations. Ionus tried some haiku which while it was quite moving did not seem to sway anyone into believing that they were the real Crimson Moons. So they went to talk with Rosamund.

Rosamund was a no nonsense woman who didn’t have much time for Ionus’s silliness. She knew who the two were as Leve had told her about them and had held onto hope that they would one day return. In fact he maintained three rooms for his friends at the Crimson Moons headquarters. This was a little more reassuring for Calen and Ionus who were still struggling to come to terms with a world that was utterly confused about how much time had passed since they were last in town. A messenger brought word of a vermin infestation in a town called Angus. The Crimson Moons were asked to come and help. Ionus and Calen were considering heading out when Rosamund approached them with another job. The customer a short balding man named Linus Bridges.

Mr. Bridges explained that many young women in the town of Noreu had gone missing, his daughter among them. He wanted the group to go and figure out what was going on. Ionus and Calen stated their expertise in saving daughters and took the job. They decided to bring one of the newer members of The Crimson Moons with them to see if the young blood could keep up with the original Crimson Moons.


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