The Crimson Moons

De'art of Abduction

A few bewildered patrons sitting nearby had turned their attention to the group’s table. Emont sat staring in disbelief as Ionus recited a haiku at the unsuspecting crowd. This was The Last Bastion the busiest drinking hole at the edge of the civilized world, a town where people were under constant threat from murderous thieves, savage beasts that roamed the Levenal Woods, and of course attacks by the Uraeyl who viewed humans as humans would livestock. Of course what the townsfolk of Minmorthei perhaps feared most was the idea that they were uncultured louts in an untamed land. So the folk of Minmorthei tended to grasp onto whatever bit of culture they could. So as Ionus recited poems about angry robots and lunar feces, there was to Emont’s surprise some scattered applause and the end of each poem.

The group known as The Crimson Moons had just returned from retrieving some stolen Numenera. The thieves had been easy for Calen to track and dispatching them had been a relatively simple task as well. So it turned out that one of the group’s simplest jobs to date was also their most profitable. As the group sat enjoying free drinks and fine haiku in The Last Bastion they were also considering what job might come their way next. As it happened the town was talking about the abduction of Baron De’Art’s daughter Julianne, some asking if The Crimson Moons were going to save the day yet again. There had not been any reward offered for her return just yet and Baron De’Art had sent out a contingent of guards to track down the thieves that had abducted her. There had yet to be a ransom demand.

As the group discussed whether it was worth trying to retrieve the girl and hope for a gracious reward if the guards that had a day head start did not find her first they were approached by a thin well dressed man who introduced himself as Bardellow Densirk. Bardellow had been sent by his employer Reijnold Baltsinder with a job offer for the group. The group headed out to speak with Reijnold and learn more about this job that might possibly pay them better than their last.

Reijnold turned out to be a large man standing almost 7 feet tall. He hard dark hair, and a great scruffy black beard. He told how some travelers had come across a couple dead bodies on the side of the road the same day as Julianne went missing. Reijnold son Tenevist (who’s name would cause a moment of confusion when Emont tried to do some math later) had taken seven of his father’s personal guard thinking that whomever had killed the two men on the side of the road might also have abducted Julianne (it was at this time Emont had an AHA moment, thinking Reijnold had said ten of us went out rather than Tenevist went out). The did find the abductors at an old Uraeyl keep in the woods. As Tenevist and the guards attacked the thieves a group of Uraeyl that were out hunting for humans attacked them all. The Uraeyl greatly outnumbered the humans and were easily winning, Tenevist, Julianne and a couple others manged to get inside the keep. One guard managed to get away and return to the Reijnold far. The job offered the group was to go and rescue Tenevist and Julianne, but he also wanted his son to get all the credit for the rescue. The group also had to agree to leave the Zare region for one year, their payment would be three flyers. The group accepted.

The Crimson Moons set out, following Tenevist’s trail. They discovered the two dead bodies off of the road hidden in the forest, which seemed strange since the travelers that had discovered said they were found on the road. The group continued along the trail following it into the woods. Ionus lost in conflicted thought as to whether the line of his poem should be mothers nipple’s or grandmother’s nipples did not notice the group of thieves waiting to ambush the group, it turns out none of the group were paying too much attention.

A Crossbow bolt narrowly missed Calen while Ionus was attacked by four large green lizards known as Laaks. Initially the surprise attack worked for the thieves, Ionus was severely injured and poisoned by the Laak. To make matters worse it began to rain. Instead of water it was an oily bluish grey liquid that came down from the sky. Everything became slippery making the battle much more difficult. The tide of the battle started to change when Leve’s onslaught of pure energy vaporized one of the thieves, and a second onslaught attack eliminated another. Emont managed to dispatch one of the remaining thieves. Calen successfully disarmed the crossbow wielding thief but when the loaded bow hit the ground it loosed a bolt that left a hideous gash on Calen’s face. An angry Calen thrust his dagger into the heart of the thief dropping him to the ground. while Ionus who had managed to kill one of the venomous lizards was struggling due to the extent of his injuries. With all the thieves dead, including their master, the Laak retreated into the woods leaving the members of the Crimson Moons to tend to their wounds and like all good adventurers loot the bodies of the fallen. Of note was a rejuvenation orb, which was used right away by the badly wounded Ionus, and an ear piece that allowed the wearer to understand all languages. Ionus named it the Ear Kazoo.

After a short rest and some much needed bandaging the group set out to follow the trail of Tenevist. They at last came to the Zeenar ruins. Much of the old keep had crumbled over the years but a portion was still standing and in front of the doors the group needed to enter were two Uraeyl. A plan was hatched to try and scare the two Numenera shy foe, with an orb that would project the image of Ionus reciting his poetry through interpretive dance. Activation of the orb required Leve to eat the apple like substance and then regurgitate it. It somehow retained its ball like shape and the image of Ionus was recorded. The two Uraeyl stared at the image of Ionus, at first in disbelief but then in awe. The beauty of the dance brought tears to their eyes, but the finally was too much for the Uraeyl mind and they fled into the Levenal woods in terror. Before the entered Leve swallowed a pill which caused a crystal to grow out of his eye. He broke off a piece of the Crystal and left it by the front door where he would now be able to see if anybody approached. As further precaution Ionus left his stink grenade to ward off any who approached.

The group headed into the keep. Inside the entrance way the went through a set of double doors. Though they tried to be quiet, the hinges on the hundred year old doors squealed as they entered. There was one Uraeyl warrior in the room who tried to run at the sight of the group. The group tried to kill him before he got out of the room, Emont had struck the Uraeyl with his katana and Calen had buried a knife in the fleeing Uraeyl’s neck. Ionus who made the last attempt stumbled when a bandage on his head fell down over his eyes getting oil and blood into his eyes and blurring his vision. Emont’s chased down the Uraeyl and his katana felled his foe. As Calen was retrieving his dagger from the Uraeyl’s neck two more Uraeyl walked in from another room, it is hard to be inconspicuous when pulling a dagger from a dead body. The two Uraeyl fled back into the room and tried to barricade the door. The group wanting to block the exit tried to knock over a large statue to block the door. The statue fell with a thunderous impact that caused the head to come flying off and shatter the door they were trying to block. The group attacked the exposed Uraeyl. Leve lunged in for an attack but was overwhelmed by the hideous smell of one of the Uraeyl and started vomiting. Emont severed the head of the stinky one and the group went deeper into the keep.

They reached the tower of the keep which was surprisingly still standing. They heard a human voice call out for help at the top of the tower and raced up to help. the human had been hung and gutted by the time the group got there, but they exacted vengeance on the three Uraeyl that had done the deed. Leve did notice that the man was still alive and mercifully slit his throat with his bladed rapier (see Leve’s guide to bladed rapiers wiki). The strap of Calen’s backpack got cut spilling the contents all over the floor, as he killed the last Uraeyl he stepped on a torch causing him to fall and the Uraeyl he had just killed toppled on top of him.

In the centre of the room there was an orb. At first the group thought it was bad and that they should destroy it. Leve wanted to study it, he touched it.
Leve’s mind was filled with visions of dark streets where Gothic stone buildings towered above him. Thick black clouds lumbered along revealing hints of a blood red sky. A small child dressed in ragged clothes burst from an alley and fell at his feet. The looked up at Leve his face and bald head are covered in dirt and soot, below his left eye is large blackish growth. The child coughed sputtering blood on the ground and then begged for help. A large beast with several eyes strangely located around it’s tumorous looking body leaped from the alley startling Leve. The creature opened three gaping mouths and pounced on the child. Leve stood stunned incapable of moving watching as this beast ripped chunks of flesh from the child. It was a horrific scene. The beast seemingly now bored with the dead child turned and looked at Leve. Its three mouths opened in wide gaping smiles ‘You are different then the other one, do you seek power or wealth? The beast started laughing a hideous shrill sound and then leaped at Leve. Leve gasped and pulled away from orb. His head throbbing from the vision. Everyone then decided to give it a try, and got a similar vision of a dark strange place. they also got the same throbbing headache.

At last the group headed into the basement where they came across what would turn out to be the last of the Uraeyl. The group dispatched of these Uraeyl quickly and found Tenevist and Julianne behind a hidden door. they had been trying to block the door so they could make an escape. Leve could see a large group Uraeyl approaching the keep, so they needed another way out. fortunately the group in the next room the group would discover the always popular escape tunnel. Before they left the keep Calen found an ornate dagger which he added to his collection, while Leve found a strange jeweled necklace. The group escaped the keep with Tenevist, Julianne, and one of the thieves that had managed to survive. Julianne spoke not a word the entire voyage home and neither did the thief. Perhaps Julianne was just out of sorts from being abducted. Tenevist was grateful, and Reijnold was true to his word giving the group the three flyers for returning his son.


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