The Crimson Moons

The Besh

Calen and Running Dog wandered the city of Wrah. They had found Penelope and she had refused to go home so essentially the job had been completed. Penelope had given them her necklace and told them to tell her parents that she was dead. Perhaps the thought of telling the parents that their daughter had died is what kept them from going back. They decided to stay in town for a couple days and enjoy the celebration. It was called the Besh and though they knew little about it, the Besh seemed like a lot of fun. Dionysia the queen of the people of Wrah appeared on the wall of her castle to give a rousing speech to an adoring crowd. The rest of the day the group enjoyed the celebration.

The next day Calen and Running Dog set out with the masses towards the Besh still not quite sure what it was. The Besh was a place, but also a celebration and also a competition. After a days journey to the north they arrived at the Besh. The Besh was an enormous stadium. The base was made of stone walls 100 metres high. Set on top of the wall was a transparent dome that reached maybe a kilometre into the sky. At the centre of the dome was a tall obelisk that pierced the centre of the dome and stretched upward another 300 metres.

Ionus was feeling quite unsettled, the dying words of a man he barely knew and certainly wasn’t important enough for Ionus to remember his name had struck a chord of dissonance in his soul, if he still had one. Ionus couldn’t even Haiku anymore. Over the past two days Ionus had become a disheveled shell of his former self, drinking himself to sleep while questioning his own existence. The nightmare had been terrifying and when Ionus awoke he was standing outside of some strange stadium wondering how he had gotten here and what was the point of life altogether.

Even the sight of his old friend Calen and Running Dog could not lift his spirits. So while Calen and Running Dog enjoyed the festivities Ionus was trying to find oblivion. Olivia (whom you would have read about in the last session had I gotten around to writing about it) met up again with the group and as always was having fun with her favourite battle scarred man Calen. It was Olivia that told them the Besh was an ultimate competition that would reward the victors with powers above those of normal humans. The more herioc your actions the greater the reward. There would be a gong to start the competition and then six more. On the seventh gong the competition would end and all those who had made it into the Besh (the obelisk at the centre of the stadium) would be rewarded. the higher up the Besh you made it the greater the reward. Not everyone who reached the Besh would be permitted into it, given that an unknown number of competitors would be permitted in the Besh competitors also fought each other.


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