New Ormanth

A small commune deep in the Levenal woods near the Zare and Majehm border has sprung up over the past year. It is at this time inhabited entirely by Uraeyl but there hope is that at some point they will live with the humans. Two Uraeyl prophets started the commune almost one year ago after having an incredible vision. They were part of a hunting party looking for human flesh near the Zeenar ruins. Their job was to stand guard while their leader went inside the old crumbling keep to track down some humans. While standing guard they shared a vision that would change their lives. Before them appeared a human male, normal in every way except that the man was dancing. The dance was beautiful, it told of the creation of the universe as if that human had witnessed it in his life time. It showed them the struggle of humankind against the Uraeyl hunts and their perseverance. Finally the dance foretold of the end of the Uraeyl unless they were able to adapt to the new age where they shared the world with humans.

The female and male Uraeyl fled the Zeenar ruins. Those Uraeyl that stayed died by some sort of divine providence. The image of the man continued to dance for many weeks, the Uraeyl couple came back many times to watch but would have to leave after a time afraid of the poison gas that now seemed to consume the ruins. When the vision disappeared the two Uraeyl went deep into the woods to consider all that they had learned.

They constructed a new home in the Uraeyl lands and preached about what they had seen. They were persecuted and chased from the Uraeyl lands so they returned to the woods. This time however they had a following of about 100 Uraeyl. They built the village of New Ormanth, a town dedicated to the new peaceful existence of the Uraeyl and humans. The village is in the Levenal woods on the Zare side of the border. They wandered the forest for weeks until they came across some ancient buildings that have become their home.

They have abandoned eating humans and practice a strict vegetarian diet.. They believe in respecting all life, embracing Numenera and channeling the life force of the earth through their own style of interpretive dance. They worship a being the call ‘The One’, he who is the master of the poem of life and the dance. The One is most distinguishable by the large birthmark on his face. The one is said to have lead the enlightened Uraeyl to New Ormanth, and many other miracles. The Uraeyl typically do not reproduce as quickly as easily as humans, but for those living in New Ormanth there have been several births which they take as further proof of the righteousness of their new life.

Some humans have stumbled upon New Ormanth and stories have gotten out about this new outlook by a small group of Uraeyl. Many believe this is a ploy by the Uraeyl to regain the hold they once had over the entire Lands of the Dawn. Still, stories persist of travelers being helped, offered food, a place to rest and even being gifted small numenera. It is typical to hear the story of someone’s friend or cousin that has seen the village though only a very few actually claim to have visited New Ormanth.

New Ormanth

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